Early Decision Chance for Me?

<li>American Student</li>
<li>Hispanic Ethnicity (Mexican/ Cuban)</li>
<li>First of family born in U.S. and going to college</li>
<li>Applying for need based financial aid</li>


<p>-SAT: 2100 700 math 650 reading 750 writing
-AP Chemistry: 4
-AP USH: 4
- Chem 2 Math 1 : 670
-Chem 2 Chem: 710</p>


<p>-Bs and Cs Freshman year, Straight A's Soph, Junior, and Q1 Senior
-Currently taking an extra physics class online
-in the I.B. program, all classes are I.B.
- top 7% of class
-4.6 w G.P.A
-member of National Society of High School Scholars
- in the I.E.P. Gifted Program
- member of Mu Alpha Theta math club
-member of American Leadership</p>


<li>High School mentoring program</li>
<li>Habitat for Humanity build projects on weekend mornings
-Camp Counselor over elementary school summer program
-jury member of Teen Court</li>
<li>volunteer at local ballet studio</li>


<p>-4 year varsity wrestler at high school
- Been captain since Junior year and going into Senior year
-placed in multiple tournaments
- Scholar Athlete award
- 3 letter awards
- multiple other awards.</p>

<p>don't see much that sets you apart. your gpa is great and your sat score is just about in the ballpark, but I don't believe your extracurriculars will make you a competitive candidate in admissions at columbia. you're involved in some nice things, but there doesn't seem to be much that sets you above others. prove me wrong, eh</p>

<p>Your hooks could perhaps give you an extra boost, but your freshman year academic performance, combined with the fact that your SAT scores and ECs are nothing special, will probably not put you in the running. I'm sorry. Hope to get deferred and obviously make sure you get straight As first semester.</p>

<p>decent chance</p>

<p>Yeah I was worried that my tests would be lackluster and my community service wouldn't be anything spectacular, I spoke with an alumni and an admission officer who happens to be a good friend with my parents and he said the best chance I have is to communicate with the wrestling coach to see if you could try to get me in.</p>

<p>There is so much that sets you apart from so many of the other applicnts - you stand a very good chance. It is very hard to "chance" anyone at these highly competitive schools, but you do stand out (first generation American and first gen. going to college) and should have a better than even shot.</p>

<p>I just had my interview with a Columbia Alumni the other day. It went excellent and he said I would be a great match for Columbia. Would this good interview increase my chances of acceptance or is it just arbitrary?</p>

<p>I mean they say that for everyone lol. I have yet to meet an Interviewer who said, "Hmm.. CCsniper You are a bad match for Harvard/ Yale/ Princeton."</p>

<p>SAT isn't ivy league but the fact that your mexican will help. A LOT.</p>

<p>its the sat 2 that may kill u. 2100 is fine</p>