Early Decision chances?

<p>Please read the whole thing and answer truthfully, i take criticism. If you think ED Un. of Penn. is impossible, please also give ideas for which university i would have the biggest chances.
I am a Bulgarian and study in an american college in Bulgaria.
GPA - 5,50 / 6 (i slacked 9th and 10th grade)
SAT I - 2260 (around 750 on each section)
SAT II - Math II - 770, English lit - 750, World History - 760
AP's - Micro/Macro economics 5/5, Calculus BC - 4, Statistics - 4
I have not taken IELTS or TOEFL, but i have taken the Proficiency exam with an A.
Extracurriculars - UNICEF Bulgaria, Model United Nations, I'm the best chess player in my school with numerous victories in tournaments, i am in the table tennis, soccer and volleyball clubs in my school (my soccer team won the school tournament this year), I have also played tennis outside school ever since i was 7 + some time proffesionally.
I have participated in several competitions on economics - JA TITAN, and some bulgarian ones.
I have written an essay on the Holocaust, which was one of the nominated for the award for the B'Nai'Brith organization
I have been on summer camps in Spain - i can speak Spanish ok, and in Cambridge on an economics/management summer school.
I have two 1-month internships. 1 in the bulgarian ministry of finance, and 1 in a firm called Price Waterhouse.
Again, any advice/criticism is welcome.</p>

<p>Yeah you have a decent chance at UPenn early decision admissions if you apply to any of the undergrad colleges. Obviously, Wharton is the choice for you since you are heavy on econ study. Because you say you had a two month internship "in a firm called Price Waterhouse," I kind of want to call your bluff on this profile. Not because internships at any of the Big 4 are extremely rare for high school students, but because it is obviously PriceWaterhouseCooper you are talking about and everyone with the slightest business education know PWC. If you actually had an internship with them, that's fantastic and you should have someone within the company write you a rec, surely one of them has come from Wharton. It's just kind of shady that you want an honest opinion when you are really a quite strong international candidate and you should know it based on your internships (that's assuming that those internships are legit and you weren't just stapling papers).</p>

<p>:D thanks for your comment. They are legit of course, no point lying in an application it might only hurt your chances. My father worked there for 12 years when he was younger so he had some leverage and managed to get it for me. I wrote it in this manner mainly because I didn't want to make the impression im bragging.
I am hoping i'm strong, but i feel really insecure about my grades, which is why i wanted this sort of confirmation that it wouldn't really hurt me all that much.</p>

<p>Wharton is hard from underrated, I think there RD acceptance rate is below 5%.</p>

<p>suny new paltz ain't shabby no no</p>

<p>@Ivygolfer it's around 9%, and not underrated at all</p>

<p>@tuckermax Do you know what you're talking about? ECs that aren't tied to your major DO matter. Colleges like Penn want to see that you are passionate about certain things. Whether that's stamp collecting, sailing, or starting your own business, it matters. They don't care about filler ECs, but Wharton does not take only your business related ECs into account.</p>

<p>@Teodor1 hahaha, I gotcha. PWC is really legit. I am good family friends with a guy who is on the board for Deloitte and getting an internship ended up just being too much trouble for him. Getting an internship with a big 4 should speak miles in your app. again, i'd iterate that in your app, try to get a rec. I think your grades aren't problematic. Think about this... Wharton gets somewhere around 5000 applicants. the difference between an A+ average and an A- average isn't much, they will just pick the absolute best candidates. your sat's are good enough. no one is a shoe-in, but apply and you will have a fair chance</p>

<p>To mirror your expression @Teodor1, I am better to say that I have a family friend who is on the board of a firm called Deloitte, haha</p>