Early decision - college choice decision

My DS is in senior year and wants to apply for 7 year medical program
SAT - 1570
Unweighted GPA = 3.99
Which colleges to choose for EARLY DECISION in north east ? Are Brown and Yale good choices to ED ?

For ideas for colleges that would be generally strong for pre-med students (partly because some participate in early assurance programs), search “The 25 Best Colleges for Pre-meds,” in which Brown appears.

I go to Brown as a pre-med student, so I’m obviously biased: the school’s a great choice for students interested in being pre-med or studying one field in depth while still being able to explore other interests. However, if you apply to ED to Brown (Yale does not offer ED, but Single-Choice Early Action, which limits the other schools to which your son can apply to early,) even if deferred from the PLME, are still bound to accept Brown’s offer of admission if admitted (usually barring inadequate financial aid offers.) You should only apply to Brown if it’s your son’s top choice (and would be fine going through the traditional route if not admitted to the PLME,) AND you and your family can afford the school if admitted (run the financial aid calculators if applicable.)

If your son is interested in applying to BS/MD programs, I would suggest applying to Brown and the PLME RD (applying to Yale EA is a different story, as some BS/MD programs require students to apply by EA in-order to be considered----ask him to read through each school’s admissions websites) and compare offers once decisions release in the Spring.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Does Yale offer a 7-year medical program?

@merc81 No, Brown is the only Ivy (w/Northwestern and Rice as the only T20s) to offer BS/MD programs (7 years’ only at NU HPME, which is not accepting applications this year.)

Hope that helps!

so Rice offers early decision for 7 year program? Rice/Baylor program?

@highschoolinnj No, Rice/Baylor (8-year program) only accepts applicants in April. If you apply Early Decision to Rice, you will receive a decision FROM Rice in December—but will not know until April if you were admitted to Baylor. Only apply ED if your son LOVES Rice and would be happy to attend for the traditional route if not admitted to Baylor.

Hope that helps!

Looks like the Rice/Baylor application is due December 1st - and you must also submit an application to Rice. https://riceadmission.rice.edu/register/rice-baylor

Also more information is available on this page: https://admission.rice.edu/apply/first-year-domestic-applicants - scroll down and expand the one for the Rice Baylor program.

@highschoolinnj ,

Note that the elite BS/MD programs are extremely selective. My D had stats similar to yours, plus 3 years of summer research at a top 5 medical school, shadowing experience, and still didn’t get into some of the top BS/MD programs. For that matter, admission for BS/MD at a place like BU can be more difficult than admission to many Ivies.

@hebegebe I think you can remove the word elite from your first sentence. All BS/MD programs are highly selective. They don’t publish the number of acceptances, but UCincinnati only enrolls ~2% of their applications. Unless their yield is really low, their acceptance rate has to be low.

You are right @Eeyore123 , in that they are all difficult to get into, but even then there are degrees of difficulty.

For example, Rice admits only a handful of students into their BS/MD program. Given that Rice is highly selective to begin with, and a large fraction of Rice students are pre-med, getting a Rice BS/MD slot is pretty exceptional.