Early Decision Dates

<p>For some schools there are two seperate dates for ED. So I am wondering if I apply to one school at the first date ED and then get deffered, am i allowed to apply to the second ed?</p>

<p>My understanding is that once you get deferred when applying ED you no longer have any obligations. In effect the college has pushed you out to the RD pool, and that pool has no restrictions as to where you may apply.</p>

<p>cool thx so much i just got confused as to whether i could technically apply to two schools ed</p>

<p>Yes you can apply to ED1, get rejected or deferred, and then apply to ED2. It's a tight squeeze, though - you should be working on your ED2 and RD applications at the same time so that if you do get rejected ED1, you won't have to suddenly do all the other applications while being heartbroken. Essays are a LOT of work, and you want to give them the time they deserve.</p>

<p>fogcity is correct - if you apply to College A under ED and get deferred/rejected on 12/15 - you are released from that binding agreement since they have not accepted you. You can then apply ED II to a school that has a January of February ED II date or just regular ED to a school that has a January or February ED deadline - so you can take two runs at ED if the first try does not work out for you.</p>

<p>If you are deferred ED at school 1 and later are accepted ED at school 2, you would have to withdraw your application from school 1 and any other schools you applied to.</p>

<p>That's true - because the 2nd ED being an acceptance - it would be binding.</p>

<p>ok yeah I am planning on basically doing most of the applications pretty early so that i hopefully do not run into trouble with time but i guess well see how that goes.</p>