Early Decision Day

When does early decision come out for class of 2024? what day? what time? what has it been in past years?

They said it would be approximately one month after the ED deadline of November 15, so the earliest they’ll release decisions is probably going to be the week of December 15th. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll release sooner though. Best of luck to all!

I went through the twitter page dating back to 2014 (so when the class of 2019 received their decisions) and it seems to be every Thursday in the middle week of December that the decisions come out. Dickinson posted that their decisions were live between 12 and 2 pm on these Thursdays. Good luck to everyone!!

Has anyone heard anything from Dickinson about if it’s being released tomorrow?

well it’s Thursday today, do you reckon they’ll send it out today?

Their Instagram is talking about how it is going to come out today, probably around 4 or 5 I think.

came out at 3 on thursday :slight_smile: