Early decision/Fall subject tests?

<p>I hope to apply to Cornell early decision in the fall and their window for application is Sept 1 - Nov 1. I want to take the Physics and Math II tests on October 5 and the Spanish with listening and Japanese with listening on November 3. If I send in my application by October 1st, how would I include my Nov and Oct test scores?
I have not taken any subject tests yet so do you think I should be safe and take 2 in May? (I'd rather wait till after summer though)</p>

<p>Also is it possible to take 2 language tests with listening in the same day? (and guaranteed in the same testing area)</p>

<p>And 1 more question... If I apply to CALS would they care about a US history subject test at all (they recommend 1 math and 1 science) even if I scored really high?</p>

<p>Check Cornell's site to be certain, but I'm pretty sure they accept November test scores. They will accept October scores.</p>

<p>Assuming Cornell's application isn't drastically different than Penn, on your application you just have to write that you plan on taking XYZ subjects on ABC date. Then request through the Collegeboard that your scores be sent to Cornell (i.e. use one of the 4 free reports for Cornell)</p>

<p>The only 'danger' with leaving the subject tests until October/November is that obviously you won't have a chance to retake them if you score poorly. </p>

<p>Does CALS require/recommend 2 subject tests or 3? I could see them 'caring' about US History if it was higher than your math/science test score, and if they aren't very strict on their requirements (recommending 1 math and science, vs. requiring 1 math and science) Otherwise, while it definitely wouldn't hurt, it probably wouldn't help either.</p>