Early Decision & financial aid

<p>I have recently applied early to Flagler College because there aren't many schools in Florida that I like and I need to stay in state. My stats are in another post but the SAT is 1560 and unweighted gpa is 3.69. Heres the problem, theres no way in hell my family,or myself, can pay the tution without some help. I need to know about other peoples expierences with merit and financial aid to ease my anxiety. I will probably be getting the bright futures award (the middle one) and my estimated FAFSA aid is 10,000.</p>

<li>FAFSA aid is 5500 in grants and the other 5000 would be a loan.</li>

<p>My family could contribute $0. I had a few thousand in Fl Prepaid & the middle Bright Futures & at Flagler I received the pell grant, FRAG, & need aid from the college which made my package around 6k a semester. I have never needed loans; my tuition bill for this semester was a mere $430 I paid for via a private scholarship. Call Flagler & they an give you a pretty good idea of what your bill will look like, because I know a lot of more middle class students' aid packages are very different from mine.</p>