Early decision for Vanderbilt/chapel Hill/UVA

<p>Is it true that early decision will increase your chances of getting into a school? Whether it being Vanderbilt, Chapel Hill, Uinversity of Virginia, or College of Williams and Mary?</p>

<p>UVA does not offer early decision. They will, however, begin offering early action to '16 applicants. Whether it gives candidates an edge is yet to be seen. Most schools do have a higher acceptance rate for early applicants, but there are some, like Boston College, that tell prospees it's actually harder to be admitted ED than RD and that only the strongest candidates should apply ED. Vanderbilt does offer ED, and yes, there are a higher percentage accepted ED than RD.</p>

<p>^Awesome answer. Yeah, I dont know if I should do ED for Vanderbilt considering that its not my dream school, yet I dont really have a dream school. If I get accepted to any of the schools I listed then Im satisfied. But Vandy is ranked highest among my list, so I think I should consider ED since there is a higher acceptance rate for those candidates.</p>