Early Decision Letters

<p>Are all early decision acceptance letters mailed the same day? The University states 'by December 15th'.</p>

<p>I believe there might be a gap of a day or two between the first and last letters, depending on when applications were received and the logistics of processing and sending out a large number of letters. Best of luck.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information. Awaiting anxiously.</p>

<p>I look forward to hearing good news from you. Feel free to ask me any questions that develop after the good news.</p>

<p>Waiting and waiting... let me know if anyone gets their letter!</p>

<p>Got the phone call last night, DD is accepted</p>

<p>I couldn't get on to the website last evening.</p>

<p>Son received e-mail yesterday afternoon stating congrats on being admitted to the Class of 2016. He also received a phone call later in the evening from an Associate Director of Admissions. Very nice touch by the University. Now the whole family is breathing a sigh of relief. Son is very excited about the new chapter in his life and my wife and I are happy that he is only 15 miles from his older brother at Bucknell.</p>

<p>Congrats, Pocono40!!!!</p>

<p>MuShu and Pocono, best of luck to your kids! Remember that the sooner your deposit arrives, the greater the priority your kids receive in their choice of dorms.</p>

<p>In past years, there was a Facebook page for the incoming class, which was a good way to meet some kids, select roommates, etc.</p>

<p>I note that if you will need them, hotel reservations for accepted students day; move in day; and family weekend are best made well in advance.</p>

<p>I will be happy to answer any questions.</p>

<p>Thanks for the tips, now we just have to hope we can afford to send DD there.. ahh the headaches</p>

<p>Yabeyabe2, thanks for the latest information especially about the facebook page.. </p>

<p>I'm ready to mail deposit so that my son will have priority in selecting a dorm. The money we saved by not applying to other colleges will be used towards deposit. Also, I will book the hotel for 'accepted students day' this week.</p>

<p>My wife and I were happy with estimated financial aid package. It was an early holiday present.</p>

<p>MuShu, glad to hear you liked your aid package; I hope Pocono feels the same.</p>

<p>Among the dorms, Smith is usually the most popular, because it has a reputation as the liveliest (I recall Hassinger being viewed as the quietest). </p>

<p>Liveliest may not be a quality you prefer and I have heard no complaints about any of the dorms. One factor to discuss is that some dorms have coed floors (separate bathrooms), while others are coed with single gender floors. My son, who is shy, found that being on a coed floor took some adjustment (waling down the hall to the shower in a bathrobe), but promoted an atmosphere of informal friendliness between boys and girls.</p>

<p>MuShu, I regret to report that the only place near SU I have seen which offers MuShu Pork is a tiny takeout place. B.J.'s grill appears to be the area restaurant preferred by visiting parents.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the tips.. Not too worried about dorms, daughter is prone to migraines without enough sleep, so not sure Smith would be the place to be. Quieter is probably better for her. We can make the trip in 2 hours, so trying to decide whether to stay over or not after accepted students day. Did someone have recommendations on where to stay? Don't need anything fancy.</p>

<p>I believe the Selinsgrove Inn, Hampton Inn and Philips Motel are the 3 closest (and in that order of proximity and cost). It is a personal decision, but with only a 2 hour drive, I would head home home afterwards, as I do not believe there are any evening events.</p>

<p>As a sometime migraine sufferer, I understand her issues and suggest a good look at Hassinger and candid discussions with potential roommates about the importance of this issue. I think there is a great to be said for joining clubs for socializing and having a quiet dorm for study and sleep.</p>

<p>My son (Creative Writing/English/track/xc)is a frosh in Hassinger.Very quiet.He loves SU.His brother got in ED with a very generous package.I'm very happy the two guys will be on the track/xc team together.The younger one is a potential English major.</p>

<p>Congratulations, Tigers, on the package!
Having the two boys at school together should make your lives easier.</p>

<p>I recently researched the dorms on the SU and College P-r-o-w-l-e-r websites. Yabeyabe2, you are right on. Smith is known as the most active freshman dorm on campus as well as being co-ed by room. My son is outgoing so Smith might be a good fit for him.
On the visit to SU for their October open house, our son stayed at his brother’s dorm at Bucknell the night before. Their dorm also called Smith Hall was co-ed by room. It gave the younger guy a taste of dorm life.</p>

<p>We reserved a room at Lewisburg’s BW Country Cupboard the night before accepted student’s day. The younger son will again stay at his brother’s dorm. We’ll pick him up on the way to SU.</p>

<p>On Monday, my son received a letter from the Director of Admissions thanking him for the deposit. He stated that we will receive info from offices and departments, preparing son for the transition to SU. </p>

<p>Yabeyabe2, I love Chinese food. Take out is fine for me. Regarding BJ’s grill, the student tour guide we had the first time we visited SU told us it is a great place to eat.</p>

<p>Thanks again for all the information!!!</p>

Just heard from our DS that he was accepted to Susquehanna!</p>

<p>NYGiant, congrats!</p>

<p>Mushu, it seems you are well on your way.</p>

<p>My son was just invited into SU's Honors Program.Anyone know about it? He's a potential English major.</p>

<p>I believe a poster on another SU thread--perhaps "Likes and Dislikes"--was a student in the program.</p>