Early Decision Notification

Have understood that acceptances/admissions are handled by each program/school. Nothing here for RD applicant who should be an admit, not even a likely letter. All other schools have been acceptances, and RIT is about 5-6 weeks later than others.

Did you apply for ED or RD? On it’s website, it says “ Regular Decision notifications begin mid-March.” I think that’s same with most of other schools.

I think they say Mid March to cover themselves in case there’s a delay. They basically confirmed in the likely letter that they’ll start in February. I think Mid March applies more to those that submitted directly around the due date.

@Gate89 congratulations! I wanted to tell you my daughter is currently a Junior at RITs 3D Animation and she’s also a TA. The program is great! Tons of work but they really learn the craft. I hope your daughter has as much fun with her experience at RIT as my daughter has. Wait until she gets her hands on those giant Wacom Cintiq to draw on. It will all be exciting.

Thank you so much for letting us know how great your daughter’s experience has been! Mine has decided to do a gap year, so she won’t be there until Fall ‘22, so they won’t cross paths, but I excited to let her know that she has amazing things to look forward too!

Yes the animation at RIT is really great. I’ve never seen my daughter commit to something like she does her art and she’s happy. She spends hours upon hours in the lab working and even on weekends but she hasn’t complained once. If you’d like, send me a PM and I can try to figure out how to share with you her film that she did fall of junior year so you can show your daughter. Your daughter can see what she has to look forward to.

Hi, is it too late to see the animation project you daughter did her junior year? my daughter could use something to look forward to! thank you
ps i don’t see how to do a PM, sorry!

Hi!!! I would love to show you the movie. Are you on FB? I think we may have spoken on the RIT parent page. You can message me on FB and I can send you the movie that way. I don’t think there is an option here to send it. Look me up on FB my name is Annette Caraballo