Early Decision Notification

My daughter applied ED to RIT to the art school, and I’m hoping to start a convo about when other ED applicants start to get notified of admissions decisions. RIT said to expect decisions in mid-December, but these forums indicate that decisions have come out in mid-November in past years. Please share when you hear, and I will do likewise. Good luck to all!

Hi - D21 is waiting to hear as well!

My son was told mid november, so we are anticipating something this week. Hopefully!

DS just got in today

DS applied ED Computer Science. Just heard today–got in! Applied in Sept. So excited!

D21 got in last night as well!!! Congrats!!

D21 was accepted last night into Human Centered Computing. Applied ED in October (although her high school took their sweet time sending in the transcript and counselor recommendation.)

S21 was accepted into Engineering program. Applied in October. Congrats everyone !!! He is so excited, he is also playing baseball for the school.

Son applied October 30th. Accepted yesterday. Engineering. inital merit based aid offered

KgassK13 - Congrats to S21!! DD21 was accepted into engineering exploration - she’ll be playing basketball. She is so excited too!

drrrm, that’s great!!! How were the coaches through the process. Coach Grow was awesome.

Coach was very nice - D21 is super excited.

D21 just admitted to Packaging Science program and will be playing lacrosse. Coach was great and super excited to play! We were fortunate that she was able to work with her in January and were able to visit campus prior to COVID. Received a merit award and will also apply for a Performing Arts scholarship as well - she is a singer and performer.

We visited in October and D21 absolutely fell in love with it. There was just a feeling there that she didn’t have with the others we visited. So excited for them all!!

My daughter heard today that she was accepted to the School of Art and Design for 3D, she’s hoping to design the next Animal Crossing!

Just heard from our admissions rep last night that financial aid awards for ED kids will be out later this week.

I applied RD because I wasn’t able to visit many college and want to commit to anything, I sent my app in Mid-October. Do you think I will get my decision early?

Out of curiosity, did everyone on this thread accepted ED commit to RIT?

We did pay the deposit and my daughter (Human Centered Computing) is starting the housing application process.

Hi My D applied RIT as RD. We received the letter from RIT administration office on last Friday which was said that " even though the acceptance letter will be sent out in late February, they just want us to know that the administration office is favorable to my D".
Anyone got the same letter?

yes my son did get a likely letter.

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