Early Decision or Regular Decision?

Hello, I have been confused in awhile whether or not to apply for RISD Early decision this year or regular decision. This is just because due to the fact that I take A levels at an academic school ( I do not take art unfortunately as the art teacher’s not that great), and so if I apply by regular decision, that’s the time when I will seriously be studying for my real A level exams. However, if I apply for ED, it is near my Christmas semester exams, which are also important in predicting grades for the real A level exams.

I am just perplexed currently on what to do and how I am suppose to manage my time when I have portfolio, SAT and studying to do

Two of the guidelines for ED 1) have a clear first choice and 2) your application will not improve by RD.

The common application opens August 1st. You can work on all of your applications now and get the work out of the way. My D had every application submitted by early October.

The application dates are “no later than” dates.

If I had to apply for RISD for ED, but it’s a risk of getting rejected for ED and cannot apply again for RD. Therefore, do you have any advice possibly on portfolio or anything?

Thank you very much

Unless you’ve had your portfolio evaluated and you are feeling very confident, I think ED is too much of a risk (since you can’t reapply). Do you live in an area where you can attend a National Portfolio Day? RISD attends a few in the US and they helped my own daughter decide to wait and do regular decision (and she’s currently a senior there).