Early Decision: The Bard's Tragicomedy

<p>To post, or not to post: that is the question:
Whether it's better to let y'all suffer
The bioweapons of Speculation
Or to fight 'gainst the misinformation,
And by opposing end it? To look: to post;
No more; and by a post to say we end
The questions, and the bad uncertainty
That college is heir to, it is a fulfillment
That's in it, inherent. To look, to post;
To post: perchance to 'splain: ay, there's the rub;
For that in that post what knowledge may come
When we have shuffled off this hellish coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes disgust of long application;
TL;DR–I'm an adcom, if you
Have questions, I'm your man. Don't hesitate.
Come all! Prefrosh, in the great horizon,
Have all your questions answered..</p>

Race: Asian Female
SAT: 2170 - 670CR, 700 W, 800 M (DX)
SAT II: 690 Physics, 800 Math II (DX)
GPA: 4.00 unweighted
Rank: NO IDEA!!!!!!
Course load:
Environmental Science AP
Calculus BC
English - 12 (honors)
American History</p>

Math Tutor 12</p>

Math teachers 11 & 12 (REALLY strong)
Counselor (iono)</p>

Legacy (my dad)! I will be writing about the friends I made at summer camp and my lasting relationships with them and connections–we all plan to meet up at Columbia!


<p>Please chance me!
How do you think I will do as ED????</p>

<p>You don't look great, not many chances.</p>

<p>But guys, they said earlier that I was,
Well you know, decently competitive . . .
Once, it was said I was interesting, no????</p>

<p>No, not I;
I never gave you that.</p>

<p>Hey adcom, you know you once did, I think.
It sounded just like music to my eyes.
Just like my best songs, lost with my hard drive,
Chance me again; for to the willing mind,
Platitudes sound bad when speakers are mean.
Fine, there guys.</p>

<p>Ha, ha! are you honest?</p>


<p>Are you true?</p>

<p>Uh......what do you mean?????</p>

<p>That if you are honest and true, your honesty should
admit no discourse to your cuteness.</p>

<p>Look, maybe I am cute, but that doesn’t mean I’m a
liar, right? Not only ugly girls are smart.</p>

<p>who says your cute?
not all ugly girls are smart.</p>

<p>damn i'm an ass</p>

<p>haha nice parody fishgills</p>

<p>I have to memorize that soliloquy for a test on Friday lol
nicely done fishgills</p>

<p>I have an essay on that soliloquy due.. in about 3 hours.</p>


<p>Ay, truly; for the power of cuteness will sooner
transform honesty from what it is to a whore than the
force of honesty can translate cuteness into his
likeness: this was sometime a paradox, but now the
time gives it credence. I chanced you once.</p>

<p>Right, yeah, I remember you guys said that!!!!</p>

<p>You shouldn't have believed me, for extra credits
Such as yours aren't really that fantastic. To be fair,
I lied: I chanced you not.</p>

<p>Oh my god, I’m so gullible . . .</p>