Early decision

<p>My son, who's wanted to go to Earlham (my alma mater) for years, just completed his early decision application. If his teacher sent in his rec. as promised this weekend, then the application is complete</p>

<p>I expect, both on the basis of EC apparently accepting most of their early decision applicants and on the fact that he seems a good match (Quaker and all), that he will be accepted. But I am anxious to find out! Does anyone happen to know if schools (Earlham or others) send ED acceptances before their official notification deadline? And do they know if the 12/15 notification-by-snailmail date is when EC sends OUT the acceptances, or when they send it to be received by?</p>

<p>Best of luck to your son!</p>

<p>Our DS will be applying EA to Earlham.</p>

<p>And best of luck to yours too! What other schools are on his list?</p>

<p>Earlham, Juniata, Susquehanna, Moravian, Muhlenberg, and Washington College. I htink he is competitive at all but Muhlenberg.</p>

<p>He's in!</p>

<p>I just got home--DS is still out. Found the fat envelope and texted him asking if I could tell him what the OUTSIDE said. He answered yes--it says "YOU did it!! EC '16." Ok, cool...so why does he even have to open it then? I'll tell you why... he told me to go ahead and open it, and I saw the 2nd letter underneath the acceptance one and texted him "CALL ME." They gave him a very generous merit-based scholarship and another one that I think is related to being Quaker. !!! He seemed pleased ;-)</p>

<p>(Will be cross-posting a similar post to the parents of HS '12 thread)</p>


<p>Congrats to you!</p>