Early Decision

I Applied in August, the first day that the application for common app came out, and I want to know whens the earliest that they got their acceptance or decline letter. I know the deadline is Nov 1 but is there anyway I can know now? My checklist is complete on the myHPU so I know they have everything already.

Hi @Ajlloyd001134! If you’ve applied Early Decision and you have everything complete and turned in (which it sounds like you do - way to go!), you will hear back by no later than November 27, 2017! Good luck!

Well I don’t think it will require a lot of good luck. HPU does not advertise this fact, but they are struggling to keep the enrollment numbers up. Applications are down almost 20% from 2 years ago, and the freshman headcount this fall is the lowest since 2009.

@mandymd where did you get your numbers from?

@labegg This information came from a person who works at HPU, the numbers are from a report regarding bond issues, here is the website www.emma.msrb.org, if you search for High Point Unversity it takes you to a list of their bond issues, then click on the last line under Issue Description, and then on the following page click on Continuing Disclosures. I just tried this and the numbers are there: 1,111 in the new freshman class, vs. 1,382 last year and 1,362 and 1,386 year before that. Applications 8,936 this year, 9,683 last year, 10,910 year before that. There are more graduate students, but my friend says HPU really needs the undergrads because they make money off the dorms and the grad students live off campus. I can’t vouch if that is true but it makes sense.

@mandymd. Thank you.

My son applied EA -submitted the app on 9/30. He never received any info on accessing a portal to check on his application status. Should he have? It’s the only school who never acknowledged his application.

yes I got mine right after i applied called VIP MYHPU

@mandymd This information is the smoking gun for HPU. Enrollment is down for the first time in more than 10 years. I also found that the school has an $8 million life insurance policy on Nido in their books for 2016/2017

@bbe267 I talked with the person I know at HPU and they gave me an ear full. Not only the dropoff in enrollment, but also there are financial worries related to the new pharmacy school. From what I understood they expected to have donations to cover the construction, they didn’t want to run up any more debt, but in the end to finish the building they did have to borrow more than $10 million and paid some exorbitent loan fees. My friend said the details are in the financial reports on www.emma.msrb.org, though I have not had time to review.

@Ajlloyd001134 - did you receive your ED decision from HPU yet? Please give us an update in the forum when you hear! Good luck and happy thanksgiving!

My daughter is a freshman at HPU. She was notified online through her vip page a couple of days before receiving packet in mail. By the way, she loves it there❤️@jerseymom5678

@stownsend1 - thanks for your post. My D got the good news online yesterday! What dorm is your daughter in and would she recommend it?

@NJMom2018 My daughter lives in Blessing and loves having her own room. She has friends in uc2 and wanek who like it there as well. They share a room but have full size beds.

@stownsend1 - thx for the info! Can u ask your daughter what is the difference between uc2 and Wanek, which one her friends she would recommend?

They are the same layout, but uc2 is typically freshman and is off the back of Wanek. @NJMom2018

Im worrying its now the 27th and I haven’t gotten anything in the mail or anything on my VIP page…

What tier did you choose?

I definitely will once someone tells me! It sucks to see everyone else in my state that applied get theres before me…

@NJMom2018 Wanek & UC2 are the same, just a different building. But same layout- you can see the rooms here: http://www.highpoint.edu/residencelife/dormitory/university-center/ Hope this helps!