Early decision

<p>Do colleges look at your 1st nine week grades for early decision, or just the grades you've gotten up to the beginning of senior year, and the classes your then taking?

<p>it depends when your school updates your transcript and when you have it sent in. My school doesn't update until the end of semesters so they saw my sr year classes but no grades at all.</p>

<p>They see your senior classes but not your senior grades.</p>

<p>It depends, I think. I applied ED to Brown, and they wanted to see my 1st marking period grades.</p>

<p>if your school goes by quarter grading, then yes..
if your school goes by semester grading, then no.. (but u can still send it in if you think it will help.. they still see your schedule no matter what.. and your decision might get revoked if you show really bad grades by end of yr)</p>