Early Explorers -- Who is waiting?

My daughter is so excited for decisions to come out! La Salle is her top choice and the wait is killing her. Anyone else waiting with us?

Waiting here too!

I can’t believe that we are the only ones. The open house we went to was packed! The wait is killing us. My D comes home every day and asks 'Do you think La Salle accepted me yet?" We have a good laugh and settle down to wait some more.

I’m waiting too! I’ve been checking excessively.

I just got the acceptance letter in the mail today!

@historyfreakmida Huge Congratuations!!!

So excited for you!!!

Was merit money included in your letter?
Have you checked your portal? Does it have your status too?
Nothing in our mail today :frowning:
We are still waiting!

My online portal says nothing oddly! And the acceptance letter mentioned I would be notified if I received merit aid (which I don’t think I will) within the next two weeks.

We’ve been checking email, postal mail, and portal everyday for at least the last week and nothing yet. Historyfreakmida- where are you located? We are on the west coast.

I’m in state, I live in the same city as the school as well.

Our letter arrived today. My girl is jumping out of her skin she’s so excited. Now we wait again to see if we earned any merit money.

Best of luck to everyone still waiting!

Waiting for the merit info isn’t as hard as waiting for acceptances, but its still tough. If anyone gets it, please share, so we can get excited :slight_smile:

I got 16,000 for the Founders’ Scholarship (and it says yearly…I’m just so surprised) ! I couldn’t believe it because I genuinely thought I wouldn’t get any scholarship from any of my schools I applied to.

@historyfreakmida That’s fabulous! Why did you think you wouldn’t get anything? Did you run the net price calculator? Our NPR said 16K. D got $18K, so that was better than expected, but still a bit shy of what I was hoping for.

Let us know what you decide :slight_smile:

I didn’t think my stats were good enough for a scholarship, but I guess I was wrong lol. Was the 18k from a scholarship or financial aid? I haven’t gotten my financial aid report yet.

@historyfreakmida Her award was the standard Founders Scholarship. Financial Aid hasn’t come out yet. I don’t know when to expect that.

We spent the evening number crunching. Fingers crossed that we can make it work.

@MuggleMom Oh okay. Good luck!