early graduation--help!

<p>I'm a third year Classics major and after this winter qtr I'm officially done with the major, but I need 7 Upper Div units and 6 pre-req classes for the UCLA Nursing masters program I want to apply to in November. I currently have 184 units [I think the UCLA max is 216, or 224 because I had 8 AP credits when I entered]. Since I will finish the major early, will UCLA allow me to reach my 224 max ]and do the pre-reqs] or will they kick me out? Thanks.</p>

<p>224 max only applies to units taken at UCLA / transferred after you originally enrolled.</p>

<p>Any units you took before officially enrolling (sounds like Fall of 09), so AP's or community college credits, only count toward the 180 minimum and not the max.</p>

<p>@binks09: Yes, she knows that. The 216 unit max is applied to units taken at UCLA. That is why she said her unit max is 216 UCLA units + 8 AP units = 224 total units.</p>

<p>I would talk to a counselor, or at least email a counselor if I were you. This sounds like a special/uncommon circumstance.</p>

<p>thank you both! since the nursing classes apply to something I want to do after I graduate, they said I'm fine and I can petition for more units if I need them :)</p>