Early Move-in

<p>Is anyone moving in early? What are the perks?</p>

<p>I am. My parents can't handle the chaos of regular move in day. Otherwise it is really not worth the money imo. Last year it kind of made meeting people awkward because I was already moved in and just sitting there while all the other kids were moving their stuff in and meeting each other in the halls.</p>

<p>Pre-welcome week. Probably the next best thing to welcome week (if you're not a freshman).</p>

<p>If you guys don't mind me asking, when are the dates for move in and early move in, and how much extra does it cost to move in early? I'm still not sure what I'm doing...</p>

<p>Yosup....your actual move in date is on your housing assignment. But I believe there is a deal where you can agree to help others move in which allows you to move in early at no charge. Check housing web site for details for just call them.</p>

<p>^ The program mentioned above is called Move-In Makers. I did it last year, and it's pretty cool since you get move in early, avoid the move in rush, get free meals, meet new people, etc.</p>

<p>Oh wow that sounds cool, I'll definitely check it out thanks.</p>

<p>Otherwise it is $75 a day for each day before your assignment you move in. The application comes out for it in early July, according to the housing website.</p>