early notification letters

<p>hey- so i got an early notification letter from washu. I got in! I am artsci, and really excited! I live in st. louis, so maybe other early letters should be coming to others soon.</p>

<p>where do you live Gilberto118?</p>

<p>st. louis- i said that others may be getting letters tomorrow or so, i;m guessing</p>

<p>no..........my place is full of snow...weatherman say maybe 6 inches...that means the no mail for me..</p>

<p>i got it today. live in nj</p>

<p>got it today from ny</p>

<p>is anyone who got it Caucasian?</p>

<p>my friend just got an acceptance letter today & was invited to visit washu sometime in april. and from the looks of the facebook washu '12 group, so have a lot of other people.</p>

<p>does anyone know if it's a bad sign if we didn't get a letter today?</p>

<p>AH I GOT ONE TODAY TOO! I live in MD.</p>

<p>I screamed for two minutes. :)</p>

<p>in too.
but my fb status says 'screw u wash u'</p>

<p>Me too :)
artsci as well.
As despite what my location says...I'm actually from TX</p>

<p>I got one too! I'm from Oregon and am bioengineering</p>

<p>nooooooooo...I'm from oregon too...guess i didn't get one..ggrrrrrrrrrr</p>

<p>sheed, its only early notification. not the real acceptance letter yet. you still have a chance of gettin one in a couple of weeks.</p>

<p>is there anyone from TN that got it... and how many people get it...</p>

<p>i got mine today too!
im korean and going to business...</p>

<p>i know some admissions people will be reading this. I have a chance of getting my acceptance canceled from posting what I posted earlier in this thread. Now I'm in a big mess. Sorry guys if that sounded offensive to those accepted. I was noting now ironic the situation was. The post is obviously off my fb profile now. I already applied to attend the multi-cultural week.</p>

<p>any internationals get one?</p>

<p>^seems not</p>

<p>i got an early notification letter too but it doesn't say which college i got into (i applied to two). does that mean i have to wait until i get my official letter or should i call up and ask to find out?</p>