early october applicant

<p>received confirmation e-mail at around october 12th...</p>

<p>out of state
3.885GPA Weighted (9th-12th Grades: 10 honors courses, 4 AP courses)
Something between 3.7~3.75 for recalculated GPA
Pretty strong EC's
Pretty strong Rec
Not too sure about the essays though...
My main essay was pretty good I think, but the other two were just okay.</p>

<p>1)Think I'll get in?
2)When'll they let me know their decision?</p>

<p>You are pretty much typical of an out-of-state applicant that is accepted. So I would say you have a decent chance of getting in. If you applied in early october, you should hear back from Michigan between early November and early December.</p>

<p>thanks! anyone else?</p>

<p>oh! and... just in case, do you think i have any chance whatsoever of getting any money from michigan, not based on need?</p>

<p>how about chances for their honors college?</p>