Early score by Phone

<p>I took my SAT II's oct. 9th. How long do i have to wait until i can get my scores by phone? (i dont mind paying the 10 dollar fee).</p>

<p>I think Oct 22 - not this Friday, but next. If you check online then you won't have to pay the $10 fee at all.</p>

<p>there is no way to get it this week?</p>

<p>nope, yohan. Why do you need them so urgently? Or do you just really, really, really want to know your scores -- cuz then, join the club : )</p>

<p>I think yohan wants to know so that he can decide whether he should start studying for the next round of SAT.</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure the phone and online dates are the same. good luck.</p>

<p>They generally release the scores online a few days early. Check collegeboard.com on Wednesday afternoon.</p>

<p>Wednesday afternoon??? The earliest I've ever gotten my scores is Thursday afternoon!</p>

<p>I've been checking everyday. lol I really need to know if I should re-take my Math SATII and/or look into taking Math IIC instead.</p>