Early Scores

<p>So....Aren't they usually available the first day they say (the 19th in this case). I got them early for the Feb test, but I don't remember what day. Anyone have experience w/ early scores on the April test??</p>

<p>i'm new at this too, i was wondering if i have to pay $8 each time i try to check.</p>

<p>yea, you've gotta pay each time you check, so print it out or write down the sores the first time you check, also, u cant see ur essay score when you check on that date (dont pay a second time to view ur essay score early, cuz by that time you'll be close to getting your essay score)</p>

<p>I know, but what if I go to look and my scores aren't available yet. Does that count as $8? or they will only let me view the scores if they are on the website?</p>

<p>CB doesn't charge you $8 if the scores are not yet available.</p>

<p>yeah, you can only view if theyre up</p>