"Early Write"/ "Likely Letter"?

<p>Has anyone gotten anything (email, phone calls, etc) from any of the schools with a firm April 1 notification deadline (not the rolling admission schools)?</p>

<p>Was just wondering how common this is.</p>

<p>Yes, my D got a Congratulations card from NYU which was an invitation to an accepted students reception at Steinhardt.</p>

<p>S applied to the Master's program in performance at Mannes. He received an e-mail yesterday congratulating him on his acceptance and informing him that a formal acceptance packet was to be mailed 4/1. </p>

<p>Hasn't heard anything from MSM yet. They seem to a bit more stringent about holding to the 4/1 notification date.</p>

<p>Our experience is that the April 1 is an approximate date. We heard from two before, one after for son's undergrad.</p>

<p>I was starting to feel pretty paranoid about no leaks but I think many students get accepted without any early notification. It is excruciating to wait</p>

<p>Actually, my kid applying this year has had more contact from colleges than any of my kids:</p>

<p>From one top 30 liberal arts school, she received what was obviously a 'likely letter' in January and they matched her to a student in case she has any questions. They have yet to notify anyone of decisions and we know of no one else who got such a letter. </p>

<p>She also received several personalized emails from one admissions officer at another school including an invitation to an admitted students' weekend-- but no official letter offering admission yet. </p>

<p>Two other schools sent her an offer of admission with financial aid in an 'early wave' of letters. In other words, she and a bunch of other students were notified ahead of the official date. For one school, it was just a few weeks ahead. For another school, it was at least 6 weeks ahead. </p>

<p>Another schools with a hard 4/1 date matched her up with a current student in case she has questions. </p>

<p><em>However</em> 3 of those 4 schools were safety schools. No one from her school with her stats has been rejected from them. She applied to LOTS of schools and is still waiting to hear back from most of them.</p>