earlyaction/earlydecision confusion! please help

<p>i have a lot of questions about ed/ea, so please bear with me. :P</p>

<p>After applying early and getting rejected, can you apply again for regular decision?</p>

<p>Is it better/easier to get in a school by early admission than regular admission?</p>

<p>If I apply early decision to one school, can I apply early action to others?</p>

<p>When are early decision results generally released?</p>

<p>Is it wise to apply to all of my schools early, especially if many of them are very selective?</p>

<p>thanks. :)</p>

<p>If you apply early and are outright rejected, then no, it is not a good idea to reapply regular decision - the college has made their decision on you for that admission year. In some cases, colleges will accept at a higher rate for early decision than regular decision, but that rate may be skewed by athletic preferences. Check the college's common data set and calculate if there is an advantage to early decision. Unless a college is Single Choice Early Action, you may apply to a school that is early decision and others which are early action. Please note that early decision is binding and, if accepted, you must withdraw any other applications/offers. Early decision dates vary by college.</p>

<p>As to applying early, apply early action to your heart's content (noting restrictions with Single Choice Early Action mentioned above). Be very certain about any early decision application - the decision is binding - especially if you are applying for financial aid.</p>

<li>depends on the school</li>
<li>depends on the school</li>
<li>typically december 15th</li>
<li>at some schools it is advantageous to apply early, but it is a disadvantage at other school, so it really depends on what schools you are talking about</li>

<p>1) Not to the school you applied to ED/EA, but of course any others RD.
2) As said previously, it depends. I read statistics on Hamilton College (NY) that say the ED admit rate is a little under double the RD admit rate. It's more typical for ED to give a boost since it is binding.
3) Depends on the school. I applied to 5 schools EA- I was allowed to apply RD/EA to any other school, but each school said NO ED! So I didn't apply ED anywhere, obviously.
4) Yeah, typically a week or two before Christmas.
5) It's nice to get into a school early and know you're in SOMEWHERE, it makes waiting for April 1st easier. But you may be at a disadvantage depending on the school, so look into it for each school you apply to.</p>

<p>note that usually it is at least somewhat easier to get in ED than RD, often times substantially so. The same advantage often does not hold nearly as strongly, or often at all, for EA, where advantages over RD are minimal.</p>