Easier to get rescinded?

<p>I read one of the posts, and I found out that UChicago overadmitted by 30 students...does that mean that there's an easier chance to be rescinded? I kind of Effed up in my last quarter...I didn't fail any classes (maybe drama), but I get straight A's either. I read O'neil's speech on "cry descius" but I'm still scared...I hope they understand the case of supersenioritis and the prom-measles</p>


<p>Call your admissions counselor if you are concerned - you will probably be fine, though. 30 is not a huge number to over-enroll by.</p>

<p>Dam this overenrollment probably screws up us RN Transfer applicants. Maybe I could call them and explain how I don't need a dorm room and WILL live in a cardboard box...</p>

<p>OP, in other years when the University has overadmitted students, they have accomodated everybody. I do not believe that anything like that will result in a higher rate of students being rescinded for any reason.</p>

<p>They overadmitted last year, as well. Don't worry about it unless you have a string of Cs and Ds. One or two won't matter.</p>

<p>They overadmitted, but in the end, they had just about the number of students enrolling that they aimed for.</p>

<p>OP- you mean starry decisis. the decision stands</p>


<p>yeah starry decisus..that's what I mean...but good speech though. I wish i could write like him</p>

<p>lol starry
That's too silly for me to even correct.</p>

<p>...oops...it's "stare decisus, the decision stands"</p>

<p>Don't worry, vutiful - no point in coming to college if you know everything already!</p>