Easiest BS/MD programs

This has probably been asked before, but I just want to know people’s opinions on which BSMD programs are “easiest” to get admitted into. This is because I only want to apply to a few; if I don’t get in, I’m also fine with just going to undergrad.

Pay attention also to what conditions you must meet in college (e.g. college GPA, MCAT score, etc.) to continue on to the medical school part of the deal.

Probably the easiest to get admitted to is the BS/DO program associated with LECOM. LECOM partners with 25 or so different undergrads. There are some 3+4 programs offered, but most are 4+4.


You might repost your question in the BA/MD subform


Getting accepted to the “easiest” BS/MD is on par with the difficulty of getting an acceptance at an Ivy.