Easiest course to fulfill R&C part A requirement

<p>What is by farthest the easiest course to fulfill R&C part A requirement? This means a not-to-hard A and the less writting possible and more reading. I am in CoE.</p>

<p>Since the they are not so many courses I included the list:</p>

<p>African American Studies R1A
Asian American Studies R2A
Celtic Studies R1A
Chicano St. R1AN
College Writing R1A or N1A
College Writing R4A
Comparative Literature R1A, N1A or H1A
Comparative Literature R2A
Comparative Literature R3A
English R1A or N1A
Film Studies R1A
French R1A (taught in English)
Gender & Women’s Studies R1A
German R5A (taught in English)
Italian R5A (taught in English)
Native American Studies R1A
Near Eastern Studies R1A (taught inEnglish)
Near Eastern Studies R2A (taught in English))
Rhetoric R1A or N1A
Scandinavian R5A (taught in English)
Slavic R5A (taught in English)
South and Southeast Asian Studies R5A
South Asian R5A (taught in English)
Theater R1A</p>