Easiest Majors at Cornell

<p>Does anyone know the easiest majors at Cornell? I need to hit a high GPA to get into med/law/dental school.</p>

<p>People like you shouldn't be a doctor, lawyer, or a dentist...</p>

<p>ECE, Physics, Math, CS, Nuclear Engineering. Choose three to triple major in, and that, my friend, is the easiest path through Cornell.</p>

<p>God, how I wish CS was the easiest major at Cornell. Then I would have majored in it and would have ended up with that 120k/year software job at Microsoft straight out of college.</p>

<p>I've heard Econ in CAS is quite easy.</p>

<p>you have to be good to get a job like that out of college</p>

<p>Although your major will be easy, your pre-law/med classes won't be, and the people in them will further jack up the curve; these are the classes grad schools look at, not the landscaping sciences classes.</p>

<p>Pre-law isn't really a program, unlike being pre-med. Pre-law classes can be easy, since anything qualifies as pre-law. </p>

<p>Econ is NOT a good way to bump your GPA. The major may be easy because it only requires 8 classes, but amongst the social sciences/liberal arts classes, it has the most unforgiving curve (median grades in the B/B+ range).</p>

<p>Although I think that nothing at Cornell is really "easy", the wide consensus is that AEM, Communications & ILR are known to be the easiest.</p>

<p>Seriously though, anyone who is just worried about taking easiest courses possible and sugarcoat GPA should forget about coming to Cornell, or any other Ivy for that matter.</p>

<p>Just go to an easy state school where 99% of your classmates scored like 23 on ACT. (Think Arizona State, Florida State, U Conn, Iowa, Indiana, etc) I am sure you can pull 4.0 at one of these schools with much less pain and less work than anything compared to what you will need to do at Cornell.</p>