"Easiest" practical major?

<p>I've previously failed out of two colleges (failed every single class each semester; matriculated one semester per college) so I have decided (I didn't actually have much choice, considering my failures) that I want to attend my local community college.</p>

<p>What would be the "easiest" 4-year degree I can generally get that I would be able to actually use in my resumes (as opposed to something like a 'pottery degree' or something...yes, I've seen this MAJOR offered somewhere before)?</p>

<p>I'm not particularly good at anything, so for my future career I just want to ensure that I'll be able to get any minimum wage job I apply for, as well as secure it, such as working at McDonald's or whatever. Yes, I have been turned down from jobs at fast food joints. I want to try and prevent this from happening in the future which is why I am going for a 4-year degree. I'm not ambitious or interested in any specific field, so just as long as I can NOT fail all my classes, I am willing to get this degree in order to obtain job security in this economy.</p>

<p>So lets recap.</p>

<p>1) You failed every single class you took last semester
2) You failed out of two colleges
3) You have the ambition of a fortified brick wall.</p>

<p>My friend, if the above is true to form, I will personally guarantee you will never attain a four year degree. Particularly since no community colleges even offer such a thing. Secondarily any potential employer will see right through you and your resume anyway. </p>

<p>However, your post is remarkably free of gramatical errors so I suspect it is in jest. Otherwise I would suggest become a writer, in the parody arena.</p>

<p>A community college 2-year degree is probably a better match for your career goals. It is all you really will need for entry level jobs and you have the advantage of only having to master lower-division (first two years) courses.</p>

<p>I suggest you go to community college PART TIME. One or two classes at at time, maximum. Start with easy classes that fulfill your General Electives (GE) so that you can learn some study skills, time management and gain some confidence and maybe some motivation as well. </p>

<p>There is no way in a 2 year degree to avoid every "difficult" class. The nature of the first two years at a CC or a 4year is that requirements are wide and general. For some people the math will be hard, for others the English will be hard. But you will need to take both of these classes and many more for your 2 year degree!</p>

<p>The nice thing about a 2 year degree is even the "major" you pick won't get too intense. I suggest you look at what you are naturally good at and naturally enjoy--and pick that way after you have taken some of the very basic intro classes.</p>

<p>Also note that if all you want to do is get jobs at McDs, any major at a 2 year is sufficient and therefore practical. So the question really only is which is the easiest? Only you know that. My husband would find computer science to be the easiest and I would find a social sciences or English to be the easiest. I do know that Communications is often seen as easy, if one has the right skill set for public speaking with a little bit of social science thrown it. It is also a decent set of skills for entry level jobs AND can be converted later into a set of skills for higher up levels. Another sometimes easy one for a community college is Child Development...again, good for entry level jobs and easily converted if you later want to get an education degree. Etc.</p>

<p>Community college is not for those that want the easy way out. In actuality, it's for the ambitious that have been dealt a bad hand in life. For you, I'd say go to trade school, since it's 2 year.</p>

<p>Also...getting a degree will make things worse in terms of going minimum wage. You'll be in more debt, and will be overqualified. I've been rejected from fast food places before (as a high school grad) and you know what? It happens. You're not trying hard enough. It's definitely hard, but you have to push. Follow up, and apply to many places.</p>

<p>Communications....and transfer to a CSU, if you're in California, or a state school in general for whatever state you happen to reside in.</p>

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