easiest SAT II exams

<p>I think i'm good to be a bit direct, and ask straight up what many people out there are probably wondering. WHAT SAT II TESTS ARE EASIEST (and hardest if u'd like), and i mean SAT's II's that preferrable at UC or something, like not math 1c or literature (i guess, correct me if wrong about those 2). I'm looking to develop an order of difficulty table from this forum so if any insiders here can list the hardest to easiest or vice versa of the SAT II's i could really really appreciate that, (plus you make my work easier). O and consider me equally good at all subjects at school.</p>

<p>I think the easiest by far is the American History Test.</p>

<p>math IIc can be really easy if you know precal.</p>

<p>Are you good at math, are you good at science, are you good at history, are you good at reading...I mean honestly, there are so many variables you will not get any two people who say 1 test is easiest/hardest...</p>

<p>well if you wanna get psychological about it....what i mean is someone who is equally good at all subjects - What subject test would be relatively the easiest to their capabilities. Since this person's capabiliites are unbiased toward the subjects, the difficulty depends on how difficult the collegeboard designed each exam, and it does not depend on the student's own capabilites. For example, say i am 100 percent equally good at math and physics. Now whether the SAT II math or physics examination is harder does not depend on MY ability (since i am equally good at each), but on how difficult the collegeboard designed each individual exam.</p>

<p>If you are someone who in a comparitive ratio out of 100, 73 accustomed to physics and 27 accustomed to chemistry, and you found that out in a comparitive difficulty out of 100, the physics exams was a 73 and the chemistry exam was a 27, you would say that both the physics exam and the chemistry exam are equally hard, because they are the same in difficulty relative to your skill. If you don't understand by now what i mean, consider this a test of your IQ....</p>

<p>I think that Math 2c has the highest relative score... I think an 800 only constitutes the top 5 percentile.</p>

<p>Biology if you've taken the AP test, or taken ap biology.</p>

<p>lol celebrian- one would think so, but I had quite a different experience. I got an A in AP Bio, breezed through the AP Exam with a 5, but got a 690 on Bio-M. Just happens, I guess.</p>

<p>man i got A+s for two years in Honors and AP physics B, got a 5, got 690 in January of my senior year of AP Physics B, and got a 680 after the AP exam, in June. YUCK</p>

<p>mak2675, given that you are "equally" accomplished at all subjects, I don't think that one test will be "easier" over another. Perhaps it's not the score that matters, but the percentile that one earns (take the language tests for example) and so they are all balanced in one way or another. IF there were tests that were "easier" than others (and assuming that students flock to take them), then wouldn't you think the percentile of high scores to change accordingly?</p>

<p>callthecops2, the reason for your situation is that asians flock to the SAT II physics exam in massive numbers and have a detrimental affect on the curve when each and every one of them score an 800.</p>

<p>Trust me...Asians have a unique herding instinct towards the math and sciences. I am one</p>

<p>I think Math IIC and Biology were very easy. Math IIC I didnt study at all, had a headache that morning, went there and got an 800. By the middle of it i was feeling so bad i decided to screw Physics. Biology i took in 9th grade lol. Only took Biology Hnrs. There wasnt alot of new stuff, I studied a week and got 740. Pretty sure if i retake it now ill get 800 as a Senior but dont think it is worth it. Im already drowning in college apps.</p>

<p>Also for Biology take Biology-E. M is easier yes, but it is alot easier to make mistakes on it. Bio-E is a little more difficult but if u look at what they test, the rest is very straight forward.</p>

<p>If you're comfortable with the majority of subjects, take the one you enjoy most. I don't know about you, but I tend to make less mistakes and have more enthusiasm toward tests when I enjoy the subject.</p>

<p>I would say Lit is the easiest, though a lot of people I've talked to wouldn't agree with me on this one. If you're good at english, you probably won't have to study at all for it (though perhaps that's why you disregard it in the original post).</p>

<p>I thought chem was cake. I took it after AP chem and I could have taken it after intro.</p>

I took an introductory biology course freshman year, took the SAT II after my sophomore year and made a 680 (no AP). I also took world history without even glancing over the material and made an abysmal 520. </p>

<p>I would actually recommend going to Sparknotes, they surprisingly have awesome subject test prep. AND IT'S FREE!</p>

<p>Math II is pretty easy if you've taken precal, and has a pretty generous curve (-6 on your raw score is still an 800). Physics has the easiest curve, I think. From what I'm told, you can get like 60/75 and still have an 800. But don't take my word for it.</p>

<p>Math 2 and physics have the highest percentage of 800s out of any of em not including languages.
You friggin kidding me? Physics has a HUGE curve like getting 13 WRONG is still an 800, out of 75, thats amazing.
I got As in AP Physics, an expected 5 and an expected 800 on the Subject test, like I will be shocked.
Second Edit:
You want to talk about a brutal curve? Bio, -3 and your out of the running for an 800 out of 80+ something questions too.</p>

<p>I felt that the Spanish SATII was very, very easy. I'm hoping I got an 800 on it.</p>