Easiest time for SAT exam...

<p>hey...i've been hearing that the January SAT exam is the easiest SAT exam of the year...can anyone confirm this??</p>

<p>does anyone know like the difficulty of the exam at certain parts of the year...such as october..march/april...may...june...basically all of them..thanks</p>

<p>There really is no overall best time to take the test. No particular month consistently offers easier or harder tests. It's just a rumor.</p>

<p>The best time to take the test really depends on you and your schedule...</p>

<p>Why would CollegeBoard make one test noticeably easier on purpose, much less during certain times of the year?</p>

<p>No, there is no time of the year when you can expect the SATs to be the easiest. What you heard is just an isolated incident from a group of people who, at the time, might not have felt as challenged by the test as they thought they should have been.</p>

<p>And who knows, maybe that test was the hardest of all. Certain parts of the test are designed to seem easy and straight-forward.</p>

<p>Why didn't I take the SAT in January! Darnn!</p>

<p>yeah i agree, no test is easier than the others. i think it's just a matter of opinion, depending on how much the person studied for it.</p>

<p>ahh..i see...thanks for the replies!!</p>

<p>the reason everyone was saying that the January exam was the easiest was because not many people take the SAT in january (because of midterm exams).. and the january SAT exam is around a week after midterms (something like that) for most high schools..so they make it easier, but people do the same as they normally do because they were just concentrating on midterms, and the AP was very close 2 the midterms</p>

<p>i guess the best time for me would be in march...way after midterms..and before the APs, as well as June, after midterms, and before final exams</p>

<p>i wish there was one during the summer. Like August 20th, before school starts</p>

<p>if i were 2 take 2 SATs..and 1 being on the march exam, when would be the best time to take the 2nd one if i were going to take them both during this school year? would it be better to take the first SAT exam after the march one?? (which is in may, but during the time of the APs) or should i take it in june, after the APs, where i would have more time to prepare??</p>

<p>btw,i have been preparing for a while already</p>

<p>why ISNT there one in the summer?</p>

<p>Your SAT I schedule should probably be based on your SAT II schedule...if you're taking an SAT II in a subject for which you're also taking the AP, then take the SAT IIs in May (so you don't have to study twice) and the SAT I in June. If you're not taking SAT IIs in the same subjects you're taking APs, take the SAT IIs in June (when you're studying for finals in those classes) and the SAT I in May.</p>

<p>If your SAT IIs are mixed between AP subjects and non-AP subjects, then you've got a tougher decision...</p>

<p>I had 730 CR and 720 M on January and improved both of them to 800's in June. I definately don't think the January test is easier, lol.</p>

<p>The SAT is "easier" depending on when you take it -- for example, you'll tend to score better at the end of your Junior year than at the beginning, because your brain perhaps matured or maybe you studied for it more. Moreover, if you take a SAT II right after an AP course, you'll tend to score higher as well because the material is so fresh.</p>

<p>The curve is highest in January.</p>

<p>Jan. b/c is the time when not many people take the SAT = better curve</p>

<p>thanks for your input PeteSAT and oasis</p>

<p>oo...i see now...there is a better CURVE</p>