East dorms question

<p>Im pretty sure I'll be in east halls next year. Just few questions. First, what kind of decorations can you put on the walls? I know posters with the tacky stuff but what else? The walls are cinderblocks right? Also, can you put adhesive or stickers on them? I wanted to get a big dry erase calendar but it's an adhesive sticker. </p>

<p>What are some popular decorating ideas some people used to make the ugly dorms look a little better? I know it's pretty limited with cinderblock walls!</p>


<p>Yes, the dorms are cinderblock style. Basically you can put anything on the walls that you could possibly want, as long as when you leave the room at the end of the year, it looks as if it were never there-so no marks or adhesive left behind. I used tons of the Command hooks and strips last year. They have small, medium and large hooks, as well as velcro strips. The walls are pretty ugly without any decoration, so I came stocked with pictures and posters. I ordered a poster on amazon for a dollar and used frames in other places to hold my own pictures. The poster sale at the HUB is also good for decorating your room. My roommate and I also always had a set of string lights hanging around the room which was probably my favorite decoration of all. The lights really made it feel more comfortable and it was nice having an excuse not to turn on the ugly fluorescent lights. The rooms also come with a built in corkboard on the wall at the inside of the desk. This corkboard surrounds a mirror and was a great place to hang my dry erase calender (which had adhesive on the back and came off easily at the end of the year) and all of the tickets I acquired from home football games. I also pinned my schedule on it and other photos. So basically make sure you bring tacks to hang things up on that corkboard and come with posters and pictures or buy some at the HUB’s poster sale. I hope this helps!</p>