Easy 3000+ level classes

<p>Surprisingly enough, CLAS requires one to take 15 elective credits outside of my major that are 3000 level and above.
What are some easy classes that you know of?</p>

<p>CLA3160 - Ancient Egypt -- engaging, interesting, fun, and not too difficult. Wagman is a pretty interesting fellow. It's basically rote memorization.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>and y dont u use those credits for a minor or double major?</p>

<p>Too late for that because I graduate in a year.</p>

<p>so? if u need 15 elective credits to graduate u can easily use that for a minor</p>

<p>I think adding another minor to my collection of currently 2 sounds quite excessive.
Anyways, I need 12 credits instead of 15 because I discovered that one of my classes counts as an elective 3000 level course :)</p>

<p>I've heard RTV 3405 (TV and Society) is supposed to be pretty fun. In addition, GEA 3600 is an easy 6,000 word course. Check myedu.com would be my suggestion...free to sign up, and the information is very helpful.</p>

<p>RTV3405 was not that interesting. Yeah the professor makes it interesting at times (like rick rolling the class, or blasting "I love college" at the end of a class) but most of the time its pretty boring. As for a good, easy 3000 level course: try tpp3124. Its an improv class that I'm taking next semester and I heard its fun and easy at the same time. Taught by Theatre Strike Force</p>