- Easy Breadth Classes at UCR

<p>What are some easy classes I can take to boost my GPA? I am in CHASS, Political Science.</p>

<p>In my opinion:</p>

<p>CS 8- Intro to Computing
BIOL 30- Human Reproduction and Sexual Behavior
ENTM 10- Natural History of Insects
DNCE 5- Intro to Dance
PSYC 1 (or PSYC 2)
SOC 1 (Not with Professor Turner)
PHIL 5- Evil
HIST 15- World History: 1500-1900</p>

<p>From numerous people, I’ve heard CS 6, PHIL 7, ENGL 20A, GEO 4, GEO 8, and HIST 20 are all fairly easy.</p>

<p>MCS 45 - French Cinema
CRWT 12 - The Writer in Writing
GEO 2 - Earth’s Climate Through Time
42327119 is right about CS 6, ENTM 10, and SOC 1. I took them and they’re all pretty straightforward. ENTM 10 ended up being one of my favorite classes so far, and I’m not even a science major!</p>

<p>all of the CHASS classes are easy. Go CNAS instead.</p>