Easy Gordon Rule Words classes?

<p>What are some easy classes that give you Gordon Rule words? I need 24,000 before I graduate and I am currently taking PHI2010 which gives 4000. I can't take ENC1101 since my SAT R was too high.</p>

<p>Ant2301 .</p>

<p>ARC1720 is easy...</p>

<p>I took EUH 2002 and it was pretty easy. I'd look into lots of history classes unless you hate history. I have a history major friend who graduated with a 3.96 and he was definitely not in the library 24/7. They also don't look like complete BS on a transcript.</p>

<p>Philosophy classes can be tough. They are interesting classes but underrated in difficulty. In general you can't get away with as much BS as you can in a lot of the other writing heavy subjects</p>

<p>MUL 2010 - Music Literature
ENC 2210 - Tech Writing
ANT 2301 - Human Sexuality and Culture
ISS 2160 - Cultural Diversity</p>