Easy Natural Sciences?

<p>I am a current freshman at McCombs and I have to take 6 hours of natural sciences in one of these categories: astronomy, biology, chemistry, geological sciences, physical science, or physics. Does anyone have any advice on which classes to take? I do not like science at all and need something easy.

<p>Depends. If you prefer memorization, biology. If you prefer less memorization and more thinking, physics. If you want a combination, chemistry. I have no idea why you would want to take the other ones, unless you have specialized interest in any of those topics.</p>

<p>Although I've never taken it at UT, I loved my astronomy class. A little heavy on the math/physics, but it was a lot more interesting than mixing things in a beaker or disecting frogs. If you have any openings in your schedule right now that coincide with the classes you're considering, see if you can drop by and audit once or twice to help narrow it down.</p>

<p>ok thanks for the input. How about the opposite question: what sciences should I totally avoid? I think oceanography is interesting, but then I heard the class is hell.</p>