Easy to get in, hard to stay in

<p>I've heard a rumor that Cornell is the easiest ivy to get into, but the hardest to actually stay in. In other words, more kids get in easier through the application process, but then their classes grind them to the bone and make them work WHOA OVERTIME -- Is it true that Cornell also has the highest suicide rate out of any college? Could this somehow be connected? CLEAR THIS UP FOR ME!</p>

<p>Is it possible to have a sticky at the top of this forum that says Cornell's suicide rate is average?</p>

<p>Cornell's academics is manageable. All of these posts about Cornell's suicide rate is making me want to stick a pencil through my eye though.</p>

<p>clearly not... NYU overtook cornell last year... damn ;)</p>

<p>MIT has like the ultimate suicides</p>

<p>nope... nyu no. 1* cornell really is 2*</p>

<p>isolated area might also add some fuel into that high suicide rate</p>

<p>(i mean have you heard "cabin fever? :p)</p>

<p>If you have suicidal thoughts and are worried that Cornell will push you over the edge, you have bigger concerns then college as it is and should probably get them taken care of first. Otherwise, you'll probably get stressed but be fine and come out better for it. Period.</p>

<p>^ Ha, that was amazing. I couldn't have said it better myself.</p>

<p>Wow Lilacgirl -- maybe you should realize that some people want a social life in college and not have to study and do work all day. That's why I asked that question -- ugh people like you...</p>

<p>I think it might be true that some people that are in here shouldn't be in here in the first place. So, these people might not have the best time here. But, for those of you that are talented enough, it should be no problem balancing fun and work.</p>

<p>Cornell suicide rate is far below the national average, kids.</p>

<p>You're going to be working your ass off at any top school. You'll have a social life, but unless you're majoring in Film Studies or something like that, you won't be going out 4 nights a week. Anyone that gets accepted into Cornell can handle the workload.</p>

<p>i can't believe two cornell people named something after bush, cheney, and rumsfield. die!!! i'm j/k, but i'm sure everyone here is saying w..t..f</p>

<p>They named <em>slime mold beetles</em> after them. Don't be too quick to assume it was meant as a compliment.</p>

<p>good to see that 2 academics think so nobly...</p>

<p>it's only because places to commit suicide are so accessible in ithaca...</p>

<p>no offense, njxbebe, but I believe that's BS. Anywhere there's a 3 story building, it's easy to commit suicide. Perhaps it's just more grand at cornell, where you can jump into a gorge.</p>

<p>Cornell is BELOW the national average for suicides. I wonder how many times this needs to be said.</p>

<p>Cornell is very challenging, but as to students not being able to handle the work, Cornell's high retention rate would make me think otherwise--and thats taking the less-than-ideal weather into account, too.</p>

<p>With regard to "cabin fever" theres so much to do in ithaca and at cornell I don't know how anyone could complain. If you're really in need of a city, syracuse is one hour, and NYC is 5, by bus.</p>

<p>MattyB, when it comes to having fun, cornell knows how to party. "Work hard, play hard" is often said about cornell. Kids from ithaca college come up to the cornell frats for the parties. And the kids on this forum managed to turn one members post about Halo2 gamer tags into an evaluation of various alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks. I don't think you need to worry.</p>

<p>If one of the two points you're trying to connect is half true, and the other is completely false, I don't think theres much of a connection to be made, seeing as there's nothing even to connect.</p>