Easy Upper Division Humanities/Fine Arts classes?

<p>I am planning on taking Music 114 this Fall, since I need something to complete my Area Studies requirement (I'm in Warren, btw), but I dont know how easy of a class that is. I want a class which I can have as a breather (so an easy A), but still have it count for my GE's (so classes that are related to Arts/Humanities). Does anyone know of any? And how easy is Music 114?</p>

<p>Thank you all very much!</p>

<p>If you're an incoming freshman, I'm not sure if you'd be able to take this. Unless you looked up that you could.</p>

<p>I have to take an upper division course since I already have AP credits for my lower division one. Also, if there are no prerecs for the classes, then I am good.</p>

<p>Do you have the 90 units needed to enroll in upper div classes?</p>

<p>^You have to either have 90 units or departmental approval. Webreg won't let you enroll in upper div classes without one of those two things.</p>

<p>^Yes it will. It only won't let you enroll in upper division classes which require upper division standing.</p>

<p>It nevvvver let me enroll in anything upper div. It was seriously such a headache! Maybe all the ones I was trying were upper div standing only though</p>

<p>There were a lot of UD classes available to freshmen when I first got here. Took MATH109 and ECON100A my Spring quarter that year.</p>

<p>Oyama sounds like a beast. Why such hard classes, sir?</p>

<p>Almost every bio major takes CHEM140A starting their 2nd year. Alot of them don't have upper division standing.</p>

<p>^Organic Chemistry does not require upper division standing in order to enroll in it. </p>

<p>@OP I did a quick search on the teacher on ratemyprofs and there was a review that state: "the easiest professor i ever had at ucsd. ALl we did is listen to music and i think everyone in the class got an A." So I'm guessing it's a fairly easy class.</p>

<p>^Since I'm a music minor, I WILL be taking that class now. Thank you. :)</p>

Oyama sounds like a beast. Why such hard classes, sir?


<p>I didn't have to take ECON2 and that was the quarter I switched out of CS to Math/Econ. People said ECON100A wasn't bad so I took it. I took MATH20F Winter, and was really eager to see what an upper div Math class was like, so I took 109 along with 20D. 109 was way too hard, so I dropped that and took it Fall of 2nd year instead.</p>

<p>@$KingsElite$ Music majors don't exist in warren! :P</p>

<p>^I know, I'm a music minor, not major.</p>