Easy way to get a higher score without wasting money on classes.

<p>Don't bother doing all those classes which teach you the intricacies of grammar. Don't bother trying to learn about the specific testtaking tricks.</p>

<p>The trick to do well is basically...</p>

<p>Essay - Practice writing longer essays. You have 25 minutes to fill up as much space of the two pages as possible. A short 5-rated essay is more likely to be graded to a 4, and a long 5-rated essay is more likely to be graded as a 6.</p>

<p>Critical Reading & Writing - Do practice questions. Seriously. After the practice questions, look at the answers and try to understand what you did and how you did wrong.</p>

<p>Math - math should be easy since it's like middle school math... if you're not doing well, just approach it like crit reading. practice questions ^^</p>

<p>Also, do Homepage</a> | Freerice.com for 10-15 minutes every day. </p>

<p>pretty much do that and your score will shoot through the roof :]</p>