easy way to learn words

<p>i remember hearing there was a guide that used original methods (not just memorization) to teach possible sat words</p>

<p>what is it? i think it might be "up your score" or something like that</p>

<p>the first few pages of word smart of different ways to improve memorization... probably not what youre referring to though</p>

<p>nah, i was kinda looking for ones that put words in sentences or something</p>

<p>like 2 years ago i read a sample from somewhere that was like "Suzy had a prosaic mosaic; it consisted of one square" and i still remember this!</p>

<p>bump i guess, id like to buy a book today</p>

<p>My child got "Not Too Scary Vocabulary" by Renee Mazer (CD's) at Costco for $25. She comes up with such silly sentences and songs that they really seem to stick.</p>

<p>mnuemonics usually help</p>