<p>What is the easiest science major that allows a student to complete the appropriate pre-med prerequisites?</p>

<p>it really depends on the college.</p>

<p>One semi-related major that is rather ‘easy’ is public health. Not really a true science, however, and offered only at a few colleges undergrad. That being said, adcoms look askance at ‘easy’ or vocational majors. They much prefer a standard liberal arts curriculum.</p>

<p>Pre-med prereq’s are not sufficient for MCAT (according to my D. who said that you need upper Bio classes.) None of Bio classes were easy at her state school. You can have any major that you wish, including Music, English,…whatever.</p>

<p>One issue about being a non science major. The only science I took were the required ones (Calc, Chenistry + Lab, Organic Chemistry + Lab, Biology + Lab and Physics +lab). The first time I saw biochemistry was in medschool. My class mates had an advantage.</p>

<p>^Biochem at D’s UG was easy waste of time type of class. She was not planning taking it until one of her Med. Schools added it as requirement. However, D. took lots of upper Bio classes and lots in Neuroscience.</p>

<p>Major in something you’re interested in. Don’t just try to find the easiest major out there.</p>

<p>There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE.</p>

<p>I am interested in a number of subjects, but I loathe english. What is the level of difficulty in the following: neuroscience, biology, psychobiology, and microbiology?</p>

<p>That’s like asking, “What’s hardest - playing a scale on the violin, dunking a basketball, skimming an article in the newspaper, or talking to a complete stranger?” It depends on entirely on you. How should we know what your preferences, strengths, and predilections are?</p>

<p>What are some of the notable differences that allow you to discern the following: neuroscience, biology, psychobiology, and microbiology?( In addition to the apparent differences)</p>