Eating Clubs Parties/Alcohol

<p>I know there were previous posts about eating clubs always having parties, but I was reading stuff in articles about how they check ID to make sure you're 21. </p>

<p>I have 2 questions:</p>

<li><p>Do you really have to be 21 or is that just some BS and actually anyone who's underage who wants to can get in?</p></li>
<li><p>Do you have to be a member or know a member to go to eating club parties? I assume freshmen won't know any members or upperclassmen so what would they do if they want to party/drink?</p></li>

<p>i really hope it's BS. I was just beginning to enjoy the comfort of being 18 here in romania :D...</p>

<p>Hey, I was just there for April Hosting Weekend and I went to a party at one of the eating clubs (which shall remain nameless) and nobody was there checking to make sure you were 21 and over. It is simply a rumor. </p>

<p>I'm 18, and the people throwing the party asked us: "are you pre-frosh?" and we nodded. Their reply was "great, help yourself to some champagne!" Although I didn't take them up on their alcohol offer, I most definitely danced and had a great time. </p>

<p>Oh, and im reference to the question about parties and being able to get in, you don't have to be a member or know somebody to get into a party, unless the club decides to throw a random "members only" party. In general, everyone is welcome to party at the clubs, no matter what your age or membership status is. </p>

Princeton c/o 2009</p>

<p>Thats what i wanted to hear.. :). I'm 18 and was admitted ED so I wasn't invited to April housing but my friend who is going to Penn RD was invited to Penn's housing and he was telling me about the crazy parties when he was there. I was just hoping Princeton wasn't really strict with who can attend parties because I am looking forward next year to partying. Don't get me wrong, I work hard but when the weekend comes, I want to have fun.</p>

<p>i read the first post...and my heart almost sank...thk god for mightchip's post :D
pavalon, i m with u...age limit of 21 sux...but meh...i'll do it for pton ;)</p>

<p> get into some (Ivy or Cottage or the like), though, you have to have passes (which students say are pretty easy to get if you know the right people). Even with that, though, like MightyChip said, it's not too difficult to get in.</p>

<p>My tour guide told us that there were some eating clubs where there was binge drinking and eating of some "unappetizing" stuff during the initiation process. There were others that were pretty laid back</p>

<p>well, i would think that at the April hosting, they would let you all in for sure not to get you turned off etc. On my athletic visit there i did not see someone checking ids once and i went to most of the eating clubs. Like phlintex said, passes are needed for the selective clubs, but even then you can manage your way in if you wait long enough</p>

<p>yah on my trip, they definitely weren't strict. on the way in, they check ur prox to make sure ur a student, and the girl i was with was just like "she's a recruit" and everything was good. we went to 2 or 3 eating clubs and it was all the same there, too.</p>

<p>when I went to visit back in October, the Eating Club I went to had security guards checking for pton IDs because apparently they had just been busted by an undercover cop a few weeks before. I got by the guards using my Columbia Math/Sciences Library card i got from the saturday classes I take there, and then in order to get in once the guards cleared the ID, we had to know someone who was a member, which took all of about 30 seconds.</p>

<p>The university does not own the eating clubs. They are independent.</p>

<p>If my girlfriend visits me at Princeton (she's at a different school) for a weekend, would she be able to get in without Princeton ID as long as she's with me?</p>

<p>yes, clearly you did not read my story</p>

<p>no need to get all ****ed. i am not and will not be a member freshman year so i was wondering if a non-member could bring a non-princeton guest</p>

<p>Hey, I live in Princeton (and will also be attending the school next year), so I know a good deal about the eating clubs. You definantly do not need to be 21 to get alcohol in the clubs. In fact, highschool kids find ways into the eating clubs all the time and get all the alcohol they want in them. You do generally need a PU id to enter a club, but once you're in, anyone can get all the free alcohol they want. Most eating clubs have a seperate room where the alcohol is served (normally in the form of kegs), and there is no regulation of who enters those rooms. If one person has a PU id they are usually allowed to bring one or two guests in with them, but it depends on how strict the "bouncers" that night are. But for the most part, students are definantly allowed to bring at least one guest with them to the clubs. Also, some eating clubs are stricter than others- at Terrace for example it is very easy to enter without any sort of id. The more exclusive clubs, like Ivy, TI etc, often have member only nights in which you must be given a pass by a club-member in order to attend. But as long as you know a decent amount of people on campus getting a pass or two should not be too hard. I Hope that helped!</p>

<p>sorry jb55, i was joking, and yeah, i didnt make it clear in my story either that my friend was a soph, and thus not a member of a club either, but he knew people in the club.</p>

<p>But what about Newman's Day(24th April/24 beers/24hours)? Since that is more....official, can you still drink if under 21? I was really looking forward to it...</p>

<p>Looking forward to 24 beers in 24 hours? Man, you must be a masochist...I saw my friends after they completed "day of 1000 beers." (40 people, 1 case of Bud and one Guinness to finish it all off...but they did it in about 4 hours, not 24. And they were not a pretty sight.)</p>

<p>I admit I've been off campus for a lot of years, but I really don't think anyone should worry about being able to participate in the social scene at Princeton. It thrives.</p>

<p>I am going to sound like an old man here, but a word on drinking at Princeton: Have fun, enjoy it all, learn to drink, BUT there's a LOT of it. Without a doubt way too much. There are a lot of budding alcoholics at Princeton (or at least there were when I was there.) Partying is absolutely fun and in many ways vary healthy, but it's really easy to go over the line. During my sophomore year club initiations, in one night 40 students landed in the infirmary or hospital with alcohol poisoning, one in an alcohol induced coma. It can be really serious.</p>

<p>That said, college is the perfect time to learn how to deal with alcohol. Princeton's relatively small campus size and the fact that almost no one drives makes it an incredibly safe place to party (compared to, say, New Haven.)</p>

<p>So, my advice? Look forward to the fun more than the drinking. Sure, I understand they can go hand in hand. And don't worry about getting into the clubs and getting access to alcohol on party nights. You won't have much of a problem at most clubs on most nights. Just be cool about it all.</p>

<p>Sorry if it sounds like a lecture...</p>

<p>its okey... I sometimes do that too. Believe it or not I'm already at the age when i give lectures. I've never been in a coma, but I had my share of nights with alcohol induced vomits and waking up saying: "dude, where's my home?"
I still owe a huge debt of graditude to a current Princeton Junior who looked after me on one of my better nights. It could have ended bad. Really bad.</p>

<p>The fact that in Romania there is no legal age for drinking(at least not to my knowledge) helps you get acquainted to alcohol early - usualy freshman hs year is full of debauchery. Haven't puked from alcohol in the last two years. And proud of it! The trick is to know your limits. </p>

<p>Still looking forward to Newman's day though ;)</p>

<p>Question1: What is the day of 1000 beers?
Question2: How are beers in U.S? In Romania a beer is .5 liters and about 4% alcohol. I'm under the impression that U.S. beer is either weaker in alcohol or smaller in volume.</p>

Though that is not a rule for Romanian beer. On a speleology camp 2 years ago the only kind of beer available was Efes Extra - 8% alcohol, plus it was a year past its expiration date. No one complained and huge, huuuuge quantities of beer were consumed. Speleologists are probably the most avid drinkers known to man.</p>