Ebills (of course)

<p>so i’ve been waiting to see if i could get an increase to my subsidized loan. instead, i was offered an unsubsidized loan that would completely cover the costs according the estimates. i decided to just accept unsubsidized loan moments ago after holding out on the subsidized increase. it says that it will take 3-5 days to process the master promissory note and fees are due in two. i’m a bit worried that it might not kick in in time. my estimates on mybill show that i would receive a remainder with the unsubsidized loan in consideration; however, my ebill still shows that i owe the amount prior to the calculation including the unsubsidized loan i had not accepted at that point. i have enough money on hand to pay it outright if i need to, but what are my odds? i understand i probably blew it, but the loan was ready to be accepted. also, if it does happen to kick in, i shouldn’t need to actually do anything with the ebill seeing as financial aid completely covers it, right?</p>

<p>what i'm hoping might happen is that if i pay out of pocket, the loan will kick in retroactively and be given back to me as a remainder fund. any thoughts?</p>