EC 110 fall or spring?

<p>Debating whether or not son should take EC 110 (micro) his first semester or wait until the spring. His math is ok as he tested into MA 112, but certainly not his strong suit. Pushing it back to the spring won't kill him as those who only test into MA 100 have to wait until the spring to take EC 110 anyway. </p>

<p>I just don't want him to be overwhelmed his first semester. Of course the history class we're thinking of replacing EC 110 with may not be a whole lot easier. Anyone see the reviews of the history profs on rateemyprof? The whole department seems brutal.</p>

<p>Son is a business major BTW, and his current schedule is as follows.</p>

<p>EN 101
MA 112
SOC 101
GBA 145 (1 credit class)
CS 102
EC 110</p>

<p>EC 110 is not as math intensive as EC 111. I would actually think it would actually help your son to have a class where that applications of the precalculus he is studying in 112 are salient.</p>

<p>Makes sense. Thanks!!</p>