EC Error on App

<p>I used the Common App to apply. I checked over everything a hundred times. I looked at the PDF on two different computers, I counted my words and characters, I squished and reworded to fit everything.</p>

<p>Of course, what I apparently didn’t check were the check boxes. Uh – actually, I did check the boxes. One too many, in fact. I was looking over my online app (because I’m using it to apply to another school) and realized that I checked the 9th grade box for one of my ECs when I’ve really only been involved 10-12th grades. I wasn’t <em>trying</em> to lie; I had switched my ECs around so they were in “preferential” order and apparently left that box checked. Never noticed until now. I want to tell them to, well, uncheck the box because the last thing I wanted to do was lie on my application. Even if they never call and check with my school, I just…don’t want that. So – how do I fix it? It’s too late to call tonight so I thought I’d pop in over here for any suggestions. Would just calling them tomorrow be fine? Or should I e-mail them?</p>

<p>(And I also have to change my “next semester schedule” thing because my French II course was canceled and I’m taking Spanish I now, much to my chagrin.)</p>

<p>You should call and see if your admission officer is available (if not, email works too). I'm sure they won't mind at all and will appreciate your honesty. Good luck. :)</p>