EC Passion, Padding, and Questions Galore :D

<p>Hello, everyone! With all the hype surrounding the importance of having at least semi-focused extracurriculars, i have begun worrying about mine. could you please glance over my list, and see if it appears that i have been "padding" my resume?</p>

<li>mayor's youth council</li>
<li>class treasurer</li>
<li>Habitat for Humanity President</li>
<li>German Club Board Member</li>
<li>International Relations Club Board Member</li>
<li>German Exchange Program organizer (with sister school in Germany)</li>
<li>Academic Team 2-year Captain</li>
<li>NHS Officer</li>
<li>Tutor at my school and downtown</li>
<li>Captain of Baseball team (not good enough to be recruited :/</li>
<li>Captain of Cross Country team</li>
<li>Work at DQ in summer</li>

<p>I joined the clubs that interested me, and in no conscious way tried to pad my resume. I'm just worried I'll come off as just another crazy-busy high schooler to the big schools. My three biggest passions are German, government, and community that clear? Should I delete NHS and Tutoring? Thanks for your time!</p>

<p>don’t delete tutoring for sure if you’re selling community service</p>

<p>Looks amazing to me. Great ECs, I’m sure you’ll get in if you’re objective stuff is all good!</p>

<p>yeah, and hopefully coming from Iowa will help…god, sometimes its great to live in the middle of nowhere :)</p>

<p>The fact that you held leadership positions shows that you were active and not just padding a resume. Great EC, best of luck.</p>