EC question???????????

<p>This is kind of a stupid question, but my freshman year, I forgot to pay my dues for Key Club. So, I wasn't acutually an offical member. However, attended a majority of the meetings and participated in the activities. Can I still include that year in my application. Would they actually checkup on those kind of things?</p>

<p>anyone plz???????</p>

<p>Freshman year doesn't matter much, and being a member of Key Club your freshman year wouldn't matter much either. So, if you weren't an official member, I wouldn't put down that you were, since, well, you weren't. Relax--again, it doesn't really matter whether you were.</p>

<p>Umm...for one thing, simply being a member of the Key Club isn't that big of a deal, so don't stress or anything. It's only freshmen year, so you've got a long way to go. Now, if you were president or something, that might be different...</p>