EC troubles

<p>E/C Troubles!!!
Hi everyone! I had some questions on how to organize my resume. I always thought that pursuing a lot of activities and succeeding in them was the best method. however, that leaves me with a variety of activities that i truly enjoy, but not one particular activity that is my passion. I want to apply for a pre-med major, so do my activities have to relate that? There are few science activities offered in my school. Any advice you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated.</p>

- reporter
- news editor junior year
- managing editor my senior year
- numerous story awards
- Writer of the Year awards
(great experience, one of my favorite activities, met truly inspirational people)</p>

- member since 7th grade
- drum major for two years
- all region flautists
- also played piano since 6th and won various honors
(great experience, discovered love for music)</p>

<p>Started a Reading Program/ Key Club District Officer
- greatly involved in key club
- lots of community service
- reading program for sixth graders (great experience, very fulfilling, realized that kids across the country are really the same)</p>

-my academic activity that i have been doing since 7th grade
- great learning experience; very fulfilling academically</p>

<p>will i be penalized for having so many activities i truly enjoy?</p>

<p>Why would you be penalized for doing things you enjoy? Your extracurriculars are strong and it sounds as if you've had a blast in high school.</p>

<p>And think about it this way: if a college rejected you simply because they thought you didn't have a "passion" even though you made the most out of all four years of high school, would you really want to go there? </p>

<p>If these are activities that you truly enjoy, it'll come out on your application and all of them will build up to form...good old, unique, you :)</p>

<p>I would say that it looks like journalism is yoru passion. But you've got a lot of involvement in the other 3. This won't hurt you at all.</p>