EC Verification Red Flag

During 9th and 10th grade I was part of a team for an EC. We won international awards so it is important to my application.

When Coronavirus news first came, it was not clear if competitions would continue, but I opted out of the team at the start of the season as a measure of caution. The entire season did eventually get cancelled, however, since I left at the start, I am not listed on the roster on the team website.

I am concerned because this is probably the first place admissions officers will check to verify my participation, and they will encounter a red flag. I have read that red flags such as these may automatically disqualify me because of the sheer number of competitive applicants.

What can I do to avoid being discredited in this situation? Should I address the red flag on my application?

Thank you.

Just add the years during which you were a team member. Since that does not include this year, then you would not be expected to be on the roster, and, in the unlikely event that they want to verify that you were a member if the team when the team won the awards, they will contact your school. Also, in many competitions, they list the names of all team members who participated, so your name would be there.

OP: Your situation is easily explained. Your course of action was reasonable.